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Example of activities and exercises from some of our workshops include;

Forum Theatre
Our team will work with you to develop scenes based on specific situations and personality types. Our actors would then perform the scene at the event in order to involve the participants who would then explore the options available to the characters involved guided by our experienced facilitator. This is an excellent workshop tool that can be used in addressing character types (especially aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour) as in the true form of forum theatre those taking part are not allowed to change the personalities of the character and true to real life they get the opportunity to examine how changing a situation can be based on a change of thought and action and how one addresses their own personality traits.

Ripples in the pond
A practical activity which expands how we view a situation through a visual and more tangible format than discussion and the written word. Ripples in the Pond takes an individual or situation and explores all the contributing factors involved The process can be developed from a variety of angles e.g. 1) Examining priorities. 2) Exploring influence 3) Who/what will help the situation. This activity can also be utilised as a practical tool which can be used by workers with their colleagues and clients as it is both simple and effective. We can focus the training so that participants work through their own practical examples and feel confident to develop and utilise this activity to help them in their own work.

Pass it on
This activity is a short but powerful exercise that inspires discussion and thought around the skills required in gathering and passing on information. The entire group quickly create a character to be interviewed (this can be performed by an actor or participant). A number of participants are sent to another room whilst the first interviewers gathers information which they are then required to pass on to the next person, who will then pass it on to the next professional...and so on. The whole process is watched by all those at the training and the observations are discussed and explored.

The process from start to finish
Tip of the Iceberg in conjunction with the event co-ordinator will agree on an appropriate case study which will then become the basis for exploring your particular work based process. 'Tip of the Iceberg' will introduce the case study to the participants who will then get the opportunity to interview professional actors who perform roles related to the work or issues at hand. (The specifics of these are decided upon with the co-ordinator). Depending on the time available after the interviews the findings can be reviewed, forms completed and effective action planning discussed. The actors and participants could also be involved in an open discussion allowing staff to explore the processes undertaken and their approaches and the effects this had on those involved.


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