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Involving, engaging and developing.
At 'Tip of the Iceberg' we work with a vast array of trainers, facilitators and performers who all have experience of using their skills to engage, inspire and educate. You may want to bring your professional team together through a demanding and exciting creative practice, explore issues and attitudes in the workplace, or individually focus on communication and presenting skills – whatever your aim we will endeavour to deliver the right creative solution for you.

'Tip of the Iceberg' run sessions as part of a bigger training programme or as a complete event and more than one package can be delivered in a day (e.g one morning and one afternoon for different participants).

Team building & skill based workshops
Experiencing something fun, unusual and incredibly focussed is a great way to team build, develop confidence and enthuse those in the workplace. We work closely with a range of creative industry professionals to offer a range of activity based sessions, these include;

The production – Theatre company workers have one of the highest work rates alongside some of the lowest budgets and pay scales...How do they do it? Dedication, team work, concentration and trust are some of the key elements required, and these are just a few of the factors you would explore in this performance based workshop. The sessions are led by experienced theatre and television directors and acting, voice and singing specialists and coaches. Depending on the time available the concept is to pull together to produce a performance. The length, content, style and extent of these projects vary, but the outcome is always a successful experience for all.

Film – We work alongside film companies and organisations including NH Productions and AG (see links pages for further details). We combine our extensive workshop and training activities and exercises with the practice of film making and tailor these to each event and company. An example of one of our projects is The short film where employees devise, prepare, film and edit a short film. Participants must decide on their production team, allocate roles, and produce a finished product. The activity supports the following key areas; teamwork, working under pressure, thinking creatively, compromise and meeting aims and objectives.

Circus Skills - Working with 'Fantastiko' you can learn juggling, diablo, uni-cycling, stilt walking, balancing and even trapeze. Circus skills require focus, concentration and practice which are all key elements in the workplace but more than anything these workshops are extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

Rap Workshops/Street Dance – With 'ThrowdownUK' who are a leading urban arts organisation you can experience a range of workshops. The rap/poetry workshop is another superb team building event as individuals are supported to write and perform their own work. The pieces often help people to explore aspects of work they don't normally discuss and the confidence which is gained from the whole process especially the performance is extraordinary.

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