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My Voice

Reaching young people
Over the last five years we have been involved in developing and delivering interactive workshops which then form the basis of detailed reports. An important aspect of our research and consultation work is that we have an immense desire to ensure that those taking part feel fully involved and that the ideas and opinions that are gleaned during the workshops are not diluted or given a bias during the report writing. We take great care and attention to detail when writing reports and evaluations and we break down our written work in order to make it exceptionally detailed but also accessible for different workers and the areas they may be interested in within each project and they often contain both quantitative and qualitative data.

Informing the children & young people's plan
Between 2006 and the present we have been delivering a range of workshops to gain the views and opinions of young people exploring attitudes around their rights, education, and community and gaining clarity on their needs and priorities. The content and format of the projects have varied greatly and examples include;
• games and activities which include quick responses to a theme performed scenarios
• diamond ranking activities
• discussions
• questionnaires
• teacher led projects

In the project My Rights My Voice we worked with schools (primary, secondary and sixth form) youth clubs, diversity groups, young people with special educational needs, and we went out with the Youth Service on a Friday night to Hitchin Hill where young people from the town hang out. The project was in two sections, the first was an interactive event which informed young people of their rights and responsibilities after which the participants could carry out their own research in different formats (questionnaires, diaries, interviews). The second part of the project was to find out what was important to the young people and their peers and was informed by their research and personal views. Although the overall aim of the project was the same the workshops were adapted to suit the age, ability and type of group that we worked with. The communicative and creative skills of our team come into the fore in projects like this as they draw on all their talent and experience to ensure that the participants get involved, give their ideas honestly and openly in an enjoyable and inclusive environment. 'Tip of the Iceberg' wrote up each individual workshop and also collated the findings and evaluations and included all of this in a detailed report for the commissioners of the project.

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