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Training events

• Integrated Practice
• Team building
• Skill Development
• Common Assessment framework Training
• Communication Workshops

'Tip of the Iceberg' offer a range of interactive workshops with the aim of taking both the work and the paper out of paperwork by bringing case studies, issues and situations to life. 'Tip of the Iceberg' supply workshop facilitators who will help run the training event and professional actors who help involve all participants in a range of practical activities. The training exercises can be adapted depending on the time available, the professional roles of the participants and the purpose of the event. We aim to work closely with you in both the planning and delivery of the training in order to make every event a success.

We have developed Training Events for: Integrated Practice, Common Assessment Framework (C.A.F) and Inspiration and Team building.

Suggested packages
The following can be adapted depending on your requirements.
• 1 Hour: An introductory session for managers and/or workers aimed at developing and inspiring professional attitudes.
• 2 Hours: Includes the introductory session followed by a case study and professional role players to interview.
• 3 Hours: An introductory session, case studies, form completion and effective action planning.
• 1 Day: A complete package, working alongside your team to deliver introductory sessions, activities, case studies, interviews, form completion, action planning, de-brief sessions and question and answer sessions.

Tip of the Iceberg run these sessions as part of a bigger training programme or as a complete event and more than one package can be delivered in a day (e.g one morning and one afternoon for different participants)

We have run training for: Integrated Practice, Youth Connexions, Hertfordshire Young Homeless and more.

Comments from participants
“I've been on training before but this really brought it to life and I get it now.”
“It was so nice to not be stuck at a table” (Social Worker)
“I feel inspired” (Manager)
“It really helped doing it for real”

Contact us for prices, further information and booking.


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