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The Sex Factor
'The Sex Factor - Who's got it?'

Performance Package
A Sex and Relationship project aimed at Years 9-11


The team who developed this project worked closely for 5 years on 'Sex, Lies and Tricky Bits' for Snap Theatre and won an award for 'Outstanding Teenage Pregnancy Project'.

The Sex Factor Project can include:
A full length production in your school for an entire year group
Staff training session
2 plays (now and future)
Classroom Activity Pack including PowerPoint presentations to aid staff delivery
• Exploring; Sex, Relationships, Self Esteem, Control, Peer Pressure, Decision Making
Who is in control? Why lose control? How do you gain control?

The Project
'The Sex Factor' can be delivered as a perforrmance with a range of workshops and also as a full day Sex Education Residency project. We deliver the project in partnership with your school and staff, with the following aims to:
Examine the issues of safe and unsafe behaviour and how young people deal with their own personal boundaries.
Empower young people to make informed and educated decisions about their lives and responsibilities.
Raise awareness of teenage pregnancy, STI's and methods of contraception.
Encourage young people to discover the correct information about sexual matters, substance use and crime.
Place sex in the context of relationships.
Highlight concepts of control, decision making and self esteem.
Explore the divide between our feelings, what we know (the knowledge that we have) and what we do (our behaviour).

The play covers some of the issues, however further issues are developed through follow up workshops. We create a bespoke delivery depending on your aims, year group numbers, timetable and budget so please get in touch.

Download the information flyer here

The Full Day Package
The day begins with a performance for the entire year group. The play follows a year in the life of three friends in year 11, it's fast, frantic and funny...that is until they all end up being controlled by something or someone else. The play ends on a cliffhanger and the future of the characters and also the pupils becomes the focus for the rest of the day.

The year group are divided into groups who throughout the day rotate as the pupils receive workshops run by the 'Tip of the Iceberg' facilitators and classroom activities that are run by school staff. A range of suggested activities are included in our extensive resource pack, you will receive a resource CD with the pack and PowerPoint activities and a training session for staff involved .

A second performance takes place for all students near the end of the day which examines the future of the characters with the focus on choices and decisions.

The final part of the day is an open and honest question and answer based session, run by 'Tip of the Iceberg' facilitators highlighting the importance of knowledge and gaining the correct information.

Contact us for prices, further information and bookings.


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