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Role play

An incredibly flexible and powerful training tool
• Experienced actors and facilitators
• A true to life experience
• No pressure on staff to take on roles
• Learning and developing through experiencing

The main aim with 'Role play' is to bring case studies, issues and situations to life. 'Tip of the Iceberg' supply workshop facilitators who can help run the training event and professional actors who help involve all participants in a range of practical activities. The training exercises can be adapted depending on the time available, the professional roles of the participants and the purpose of the event. We aim to work closely with you in both the planning and delivery of the training in order to make every event a success.

Case based scenarios
Working with you we develop character profiles, scenarios, and where required scenes and scripts. At 'Tip of the Iceberg' we believe it is essential to cast actors who are are suitable to the role and who have experience of working as role play actors within the training sector. There are many benefits to using professional actors at a training or inspirational event, some of which include;
• Your staff not feeling pressured to take on a role
• The actors have no personal involvement with scenarios or other staff
• The role is more believable and therefore the activity is more effective
• Exploring professional practice as realistically as possible

Our Role play actors and techniques have been used at events and training for assessment purposes, skill development, appraisal, technique exploration and for inspiration purposes. The style of role play varies depending on the numbers at an event, the time available and the desired aims of the commissioner.

Actors can be interviewed one on one which is observed by groups and/or assessors or be part of a group interview. The characters and the scenarios which the actors portray can be developed with the organisers previous to the event or the creation of the roles and topics can be part of a workshop activity which the actors then produce for them.

Our 'Role Play' work has included;
• Exploring communication and interview skills with company managers, team leaders, social workers, and police officers.
• Addressing conflict in the workplace.
• Assessing form completions and information gathering.
• Discussing difficult issues; Relationship and sexual matters guidance for General Practitioner's and Sexual harassment in the workplace.

Each training event is specifically designed to suit your aims and requirements so contact us to see what we could do for you.

Contact us for prices, further information and booking.


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