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Research reports

Due to our extensive practical and evaluative work with young people we have been commissioned over the last couple of years to be involved with some detailed research involving young people. The process for each report has followed a similar format which includes;
• A literature review
• Department/Area research
• Participant Research and Contact
• Focus groups and individual interviews
• Thematic coding frameworks
• Full Report Evaluation and Findings

Teenage pregnancy within the care system
This was a four month project that involved working with Social Care staff, The Participation Team, and Teenage Pregnancy. The aim of the report was to discover how young mums, dads, and pregnant young women who were in or leaving care felt about the services they received and what improvements could be made. The initial research involved examining previous work done on this area nationally which helped to explore common themes and areas and these were then included in the topic guide for the interviews and focus groups. Social care were involved in the early stages to approach appropriate young people to see if they wished to take part and were happy to be contacted regarding the report. Once the young people were identified we contacted them to explain the project and arrange focus groups and interviews. Once all the interviews and groups were completed they were all transcribed and a thematic coding framework was written up for each individual or group. The frameworks from each area form the basis for discovering the collective themes and findings. The main issues which arose from the interviews then appeared as the main headings in the report followed by the detailed findings, a conclusion and an edited two page summary of the whole report. The main areas of the report were also developed into key questions in order to help the commissioners consider future policies and actions. The involvement of the participants continued as they were all informed of the findings from the report and some have gone on to be involved in further consultation and planning.

Traveller education support
We were commissioned to work with the Advancement of Refugees and Traveller Team (ARTT) to discover how young travellers felt about education and the support that they did or did not receive. The report followed a similar process to that of the Teenage Pregnancy report except more detailed work was required to understand the various ways in which the ARTT worked and the services that they offered. We attended team meetings and worked with groups of staff before embarking on interviews to ensure there was a reasonable level of understanding before carrying out the research with young people. The sessions with young people were mainly discussion based and took place in schools, homes and Traveller Sites.

We believe it is essential to adapt our research and consultation process and style depending on those involved and consider the best people and formats for each endeavour. If you require any further information or would like to discuss a future project please contact us.

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