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PSHCE workshops

Personal, social, health & citizenship
education & development

Bullying and Friendship

(Years 4, 5 or 6)

• How does it feel to be left out?
• How do we address bullying behaviour?
• What can we do?

Two workshop leaders deliver a 1 and a half hour session for a class (repeated throughout a day). The session begins with a fun team building activity to encourage involvement and openness, this is followed by an exercise which includes all the group experiencing what it is like to be excluded and the results from this are discussed and explored. The two workshop leaders then become like clay and the group are asked to mould and develop two characters. The characters are then given scenarios by the pupils based on friendship and bullying. This improvised development concept allows the pupils to create situations that are most relevant to them and helps them to take ownership of the characters and completely get involved in the topic. The workshop leaders then act out the scenarios seeking the help and advice of the pupils to explore behaviours and options available to them in their own life.


For all ages

• Me and the world I live in
• Cause and Effect
• Taking Responsibility

These workshops can be delivered with one to three creative leaders and include games, performances, and discussions. The session will always begin with a warm up game that will get everyone thinking and speaking in order to encourage inclusion and an open forum for ideas – these games include; Name games, a 'thinking outside the box' activity, and spontaneity exercises. The rest of the session will explore the direct citizenship area we are focussing on through activities like; Ripples in the Pond (a visual and physical experience that looks at how people and situations affect each other and how this expands to the community, country and the world). Spot the Difference (an exercise where scenes are created that are similar but different which are then explored either through performance or discussion). The Big Debate (our own version of 'Question Time'). Forum Theatre (a dramatic reconstruction where the audience are given the role of responsibility and the target of achieving a desired outcome). These workshops support Citizenship within the National Curriculum helping to bring the topic off the page and into the world of the pupils.


Communication, Friendship, Relationship Workshops
(Years 7,8,9,10)

• Dramatic Scenes
• Open debates
• Games and Activities exploring the issues
• A session for up to 60 participants (2 classes max)

One workshop leader and two performers run a warm up that helps pupils to focus on thinking about who they are as an individual and then expand this into an exciting quick fire exercise exploring how they relate to others. The second phase of the workshop gets the group talking and is centred on the emotional impact of relationships. Phase three of the workshop looks at personality types (passive, aggressive and assertive) and how our behaviour affects the outcome of a situation. This section incorporates a variety of interactive scenarios which are acted out by the performers whilst the participants are asked to step into the hearts and minds of the characters. The content of the scenarios and activities varies depending on the age and maturity of the group and this is planned with school staff prior to the event.

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