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The pledge dvd

A partnership film workshop project with 'Voice', Social Care Teams, The participation team and Tip of the Iceberg.

In 2009 'Tip of the Iceberg' were approached to develop a DVD with young people that would be used to explain and promote the 'Pledge for Children Looked After'.

Project overview
We worked with a core group of young film makers teaching them film production skills and developing the content of the DVD. The aim of the film was to encourage viewers to realise the importance of each theme in 'The Pledge' and be inspired to ensure that it was upheld in working practice.

In order to involve a wide range of people of all ages and abilities in the film we included footage of:
Young people whom we interviewed and visited in residential homes.
Young people with disabilities.
Photographs from disposable cameras given to young people.

One of our main aims and challenges with the DVD was to explore creative styles and not solely produce a documentary format film as the young people really wanted the viewers to get emotionally involved with each aspect. We decided in the end to produce a magazine format TV show and adverts with each section relating to the areas in 'The Pledge'. e.g. The cookery section where they made 'Independence Pie' relating all the ingredients to what a young person needs when becoming independent. One Advert relating to keeping in touch with family which was created to suggest a phone company 'Friends and Family Plan'.

The format allowed for the content of 'The Pledge' to be delivered in an entertaining, emotive and interesting final product. The entire project was put before the Minister for Education as a regional example of 'Good Practice'.

Unfortunately due to privacy and confidentiality reasons we cannot show the entire DVD of which we are extremely proud, however we are in the process of uploading some clips which you shall be able to view shortly.

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