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Network - It's All Connected

Performance package
A hard hitting and thought provoking project aimed at Years 7-9 


Everyone will be affected. Everyone will be involved. No-one is untouched or untouchable!
A full length play exploring relationships, change and decision making - performed to an entire year
Workshops (Delivered to a year group or smaller)
4 Delivery options available.
• Themes include; S.R.E, Mental health, Community, Religion, Pressure, Stress, Communication, Divorce, Bereavement, Crime, Family.

Download the flyer here

'Network' is a full length play (1 hour) followed by interactive workshops. 1000's of Key Stage 3 pupils have experienced the project which has undergone extensive evaluation and development since its initial creation.

The Play
'Network' was created by 'Tip of the Iceberg' and Charlie Morley; a theatre practitioner, spoken word artist and founder of Throwdown UK. The play follows 12 characters aged 13 to 73 who are all connected by their relationships, their actions and their emotions. The plot follows a few days leading up to a life changing event which has consequences for all involved. The characters allow us into their thoughts and feelings through spoken word and the audience are taken on a journey which explores the changing situations and emotions of friends, parents, grandparents, families, partners, teachers and the police. We discover how we are all individuals who are part of the same network. The play could be reviewed by G.C.S.E. Or A' level drama students and we would be happy to include a talk or workshop on this topic as this can help with combining school time and budgets.

The Workshop
The 'Tip of the Iceberg' team offer interactive workshops immediately after the performance. The pupils are encouraged to become actively involved as they explore further the issues raised in the play. Pupils are invited to make their own decisions as they are faced with more live scenarios, activities and debates. The number and size of the workshops is variable depending on your school. The workshops can accommodate an entire year group (maximum 200 for the workshop) although multiple workshops for smaller groups are proven to have a higher impact.

Teacher Resource Pack
The project has been designed to benefit students, teachers and schools as it enables sensitive issues to be raised through the production which can be explored further in appropriate classes. We provide a teachers pack as part of the package to aid staff involvement and delivery. The pack includes; information about the project, Classroom Activities covering 5 key stage 3 SRE curriculum areas (PowerPoints included), Workshop Outlines, Evaluations, Useful Organizations and websites.

National Curriculum guidelines
'Network' supports 5 key areas from the guidance for PSHE:
Emotional and Physical Development
Rights and Responsibilities
Relationships and Communication
High Risk behaviours within the context of the importance of relationships.

In order to create a high impact and long lasting experience 'Tip of the Iceberg' strive for a strong working partnership with every school we work in so please contact us for a full range of options and for any further information. 

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