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A partnership and development project
• developing and delivering specifically designed creative projects
• Meeting your needs and reaching your target audience
• Evaluating work
• Working with and for you.

An example of our working in partnership process.

The Hertfordshire road safety Megadrive project

Phase 1 -The Interactive drama based workshop

April 2008 – Initial Contact and Meeting
'Tip of the Iceberg' were approached by the Road Safety Department at Hertfordshire County Council to become involved in the Megadrive project and provide two actors to perform scenes during a workshop on driver behaviour and be part of an accident reconstruction. Our Creative Director met with the co-ordinators of the event to discuss the workshop where we discovered that the Road Safety team were running a workshop that would really benefit from using a range of didactic and interactive theatre techniques.

May 2008 – Workshop - Script and content development
We worked closely with the organisers at Road Safety and our actors in order to script and rehearse three realistic and appropriate scenes. June 2008 – Facilitator Training We coached the facilitators giving them the skills and knowledge to run a forum theatre based session with the actors and participants.

July 2008 – Workshop Delivery
The actors took part in 10 successful Megadrive days delivering up to 8 workshops a day and performing in the accident reconstruction.

October 2008 – Evaluation report
In order to review the impact and success of the Megadrive project an extensive evaluation was carried out by a specialist independent company and the 'attitudes to driving' workshop that 'Tip of the Iceberg' were involved with proved the most effective and resulted in the highest percentage of participants changing their views.

Phase 2 –The film

December 2008-January 2009 (Link to film)
Our successful working relationship with Road Safety continued when we were asked to work alongside a film production company in order to create a DVD that could be used to support the Megadrive project in a variety of ways. The DVD needed to display the events leading up to an accident, the accident reconstruction and the aftermath. The DVD was also being used for different purposes; 1) To show the services, (Fire, Ambulance, Police) the story and format that was to be reconstructed at each Megadrive event as there is no opportunity for rehearsal. 2) The lead up to the accident could be shown on a screen to participants to give them some background to the reconstruction and to ignite a connection between themselves and those involved. 3) After the reconstruction on the Megadrive day where possible the participants are given a talk by a mother who lost her son in a tragic car accident, unfortunately she cannot attend every workshop so the aftermath on the DVD would be utilised on those occasions. 4) The DVD could be shown in full as part of a mini Megadrive event in schools.

'Tip of the Iceberg' developed the script, cast the actors, scouted locations, directed the scenes and worked closely with NH Productions and Road Safety to produce the film 'If Only'. View Here 'If Only'

September 2009 – February 2010

Phase 3 – Educational resource

An educational package is now being produced for schools in Hertfordshire that supports the Megadrive project and 'Tip of the Iceberg' have been working closely with Road Safety on helping to design teacher led activities. We have helped develop a three stage activity for teachers to deliver based on the 'Attitudes to driving' workshop which includes;
An aggressive driver film also produced in partnership with NH Productions – View Here 'What's driving you?'

A brother and sister scenario for students to explore in pairs, taking on the two roles and attitudes. A group scene for a class to examine and act out set outside their regular hang out on a Friday night.

Summer 2010 – Megadrive days
We will again be working alongside the Road Safety department to support the delivery of the Megadrive event.

Our working relationship with road Safety and NH productions continues and we believe the success of the work we have been involved in is due to each partner understanding the collective aim and bringing their individual skills and resources together to achieve it.


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