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Beyond the Surface
At school, at home, online…across britain it's the programme that asks Who? What? Why?

Productions & workshops for years 1-6

We have been delivering PSHE based projects in schools for over 15 years and we were inspired to create this production after we ran a series of self esteem and bullying workshops in schools for year 5 and 6 pupils. Our play 'Inside Out' explored the many influences on young people today and how this can affect their feelings and behaviors. After discovering how complex the issues and ideas were, in 2013 we created "Beyond the Surface" which has taken the initial "Inside Out" concept to a whole new level.

We put together bespoke PSHE packages that deliver key objectives to all year groups. Contact us and let us know your timescale, pupil numbers, aims and budget and we will strive to put together the best package for you.

The Concept

Our ‘Beyond the Surface” series of plays are based on our imaginary “Beyond the Surface” fly on the wall documentary that looks at many aspects of life and the media in Britain today. The play is made up of clips from the invented programme, the reactions of different people watching it, as well as mock ups of other T.V. shows and adverts. The format allows us to explore many aspects of a topic in a quick and recognisable format. The plays show a range of people in varying situations, from teenagers to grandparents, the pub to the school playground, the ideas of small children to doctors and psychologists. The plays last approximately 20 minutes and are designed to be followed with interactive workshops. The episodes for years 3-4 are different in content to years 5-6.

For years 1-3 we have different options available that pick up on similar themes to our Beyond the Surface shows but in a more fun and age appropriate format. Using puppets and recognisable childrens characters we involve the pupils in scenes and get them to help the characters whilst learning about the issues and themes.

Topics covered

“Addicted Britain” This episode looks at a range of drugs - legal and illegal and explores concepts around addiction in relation to both physical and mental health. The key aspect of this project (show and workshops combined) is looking at the reasons behind why people might want or need certain drugs, and how the balance is tipped between doing things we enjoy and becoming addicted. It looks at the line between healthy and unhealthy choices.

“Conflict Britain” This episode looks at issues including anger, communication, bullying, and self esteem. The production examines where our conflicts may come from, how we communicate with others, how our behaviour affects those around us, and also the influence of the media. The key aspect of this project (show and workshops combined) is looking at the causes of negative behaviour and finding positive solutions.

“Connected Britain” This episode looks at issues surrounding the internet, mobile phones and how communication and relationships are affected by technology. The production examines aspects of safety, misinformation, and the positive and negative contributions of technology in our lives. The key aspect of this project (show and workshops combined) is looking at the reality of who we are connected to and what impact this is having. We want to help and enable young people to use technology in a safe and positive way. Download flyer here

“Bullied Britain” This episode examines the complicated issue of bullying and the vary forms it can take it in our lives. The production examines some of the roots and causes of bullying as well as the different impacts it can have, including some examples of extreme cases. We also look at how certain areas of our lives may encourage negative behaviour. The key aspect of this project (show and workshops combined) is to look at what bullying means and what personal choices and responsibility we can take to make a positive difference. Download Flyer Here

“Changing Britain” This episode focuses on the physical, emotional and life changes that can affect young people. The production looks at puberty from both a physical and emotional perspective and how it can effect relationships and self esteem. Changing schools, growing up, moving house, divorce and bereavement are all included within the performance and workshop. The key aspect of this project (show and workshops combined) is to highlight the many areas of change that young people experience and give them insight, understanding and options to help them to manage them and progress. Download Flyer Here

“Identity Britain” This episode looks at all areas of identity and life in Britain today. Faith, culture, beliefs, citizenship and self-esteem and self-image are all explored with a focus on understanding difference and developing respect. The key aspect of this project (show and workshops combined) is to develop confident, respectful and open minded young citizens.

Family & Home. The differences, how they affect us and make us feel.
Pressure. From peers, family, school, the media and ourselves.
Communication. Face to face and through technology.
Body Image. How this impacts on our daily lives.
Self Esteem. Positive and negative and how it can change.
Behaviour. Looking at what we do, why we do it, and what happends if we do things differently.
Cyber Bullying. Not just the extremes but the day to day experiences.

Ideal for
• Developing emotional intelligence and resilliance.
• Encouraging positive self esteem.
• Introducing strategies to improve emotional health and well-being.
• Supporting a PSHE scheme of work (e.g. SEAL)
• Implementing or launching a school policy or initiative. (e,g Bullying, Internet safety.)

How it works
The play picks up on many different areas of an issue so there is always something relevant to each pupil. Rather than having one key story or character the variety allows pupils to all get involved and relate the issue to their own experiences and lives. As a school you can select the main aspects that you want us to focus on in the workshop and the highly interactive audience involvement in these sessions means that the audience control where the discussions and activities go - so we can really focuses on the needs and issues of each school. Where there is time pupils also get an opportunity to develop further scenes, programmes and/or adverts to perform in our "Beyond the Surface" T.V. set.

Performance length
The performance time is variable due to the interactive elements of the workshop. The minimum time needed is 55 minutes. The performances run for approx 20 minutes.


Contact us for prices and further information.

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