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The Incredible Christmas Story
by the boy who didn't like books

Gnome Alone
The great pantomime - without the goodies!

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A perfect pantomime for theatres and schools.

Reception to Yr 6 with a fun literacy edge!

"The best show I've seen in 25 years of teaching!" Teacher, St Vincent's School

On tour this Winter: 24th November 2014 - 19th December 2014

The Performance
'It's Sunday night and Ben is supposed to be doing his final piece of homework before the Christmas holidays, distracted by the TV and his computer games he definitely doesn't want to write his own story, but mum threatens to cancel Christmas unless he gets it done. When Ben accidentally knocks all his books on the floor he doesn't think it will matter that they have got all muddled as he scoops them up and puts them back. We then go on a fast paced journey as a host of pantomime stories and characters take Ben and the audience on a Christmas journey of a lifetime. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Aladdin, Prince Charming, Cinderella and many more need the help of Ben and the audience and through extreme audience interaction it is a story they will thoroughly enjoy and remember for a long time. The show has toured theatres and schools with a beautiful set, costumes and music 'Tip of the Iceberg' believe that wherever they perform the live theatre experience should be exceptional.

• A Christmas show for the whole school. (up to 250 pupils dependant on size of performance space)
• Up to 3 shows per day
• Morning or afternoon performances.
• Bookings for theatres
• Bookings for libraries
• After school or evening options available.
• No costs for coaches
• Hassle free organisation

How it works

For all ages
The play is fast paced, funny, and visually exciting to keep all ages entertained. The older year groups will be kept interested by the more advanced script and plot, whilst the physical comedy and fun characters will appeal to the younger years. We have also included key stage 1 and 2 English Curriculum areas in both the performance and teachers' pack.

Audience involvement
The whole school is involved from beginning to end ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience. There's lots of vocal and physical audience participation - they even become part of the play.

Performance length
The performance time is adaptable depending on the amount of time you have available in your school. The interactive element of the play allows the length of the play to vary, the plot and story remain the same but the sections that involve the audience can be shortened or lengthened. The minimum performance time is 55 minutes and the maximum is 1 hour and a quarter.

Teachers’ pack
The performance comes with a comprehensive teaching pack that is full of activities and ideas so the learning and fun can continue after our visit. The pack is produced on CD and is also downloadable and includes worksheets and PowerPoint that can be used in the classroom. There are many curriculum areas that are touched upon in the play and the pack suggests ways that these can be explored further both at school and at home.

Contact us for prices and further information.

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