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Imagination workshops

Enhancing the curriculum
Our professional workshop leaders have a wealth of experience using drama and the creative arts to explore areas of the curriculum in both primary and secondary schools.

A fun interactive workshop that can be delivered to the whole school as part of an activity week, to classes or groups to support a scheme of work or as an exciting treat or reward. 

The project supports:
• Literacy
• Speaking and Listening
• Drama
• Citizenship
• Enjoying and Achieving
• Positive Contribution

This project was originally developed to support a speaking and listening week in a primary school where we were asked to work with all the classes (reception to year 6) to ignite their imaginations and involve them in listening, creating, and storytelling and to inspire them in literacy. We have been having an amazingly fun and educational time running this project ever since!

The Workshop
Two performer/facilitators run the workshop which involves a whole class. The workshop begins with some enjoyable and enlivening confidence building games - then the pupils take a journey on the imagination train (you can't get on without a ticket, and the ticket is your imagination). The train visits a variety of fabulous locations where people, places and things are brought to life by the young people. The group then become the storytellers as our actors bring their creations to life, whilst incorporating aspects of literacy (story structure, description, narration, rhyme) and bring it all together in a memorable learning experience. The length of each session depends on the size and age of the group and we adapt each of these to suit your requirements.

Contact us for prices, further information and bookings.

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