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Focus groups

Tip of the Iceberg' have run focus groups for all ages and abilities. Our facilitators can work alongside commissioners or lead groups and deliver reports alone. For each focus group we consider the topic and information needed and then design a package that is most appropriate for the participants.

One example project which we led a focus group for was ' The Workforce Reform Report' where numerous requirements for those working with young people were being considered and a consultation with a range of young people was required. We contacted schools and groups to ensure that we met with a varied amount of young people aged 8 to 18 and the groups were of different numbers and abilities. With the younger groups we kept the numbers smaller and much of the focus group centred on practical activities, and we acted out scenes to help them understand the ideas and measures in the report that they were being asked about. With older groups we met them in the environment where they usually meet (club, activity centre) and began the sessions with a couple of ice-breaker activities before embarking on detailed discussions.

We have assisted other organisations to run focus groups including the new 'Children Looked After Council' where we were invited to their first Open Forum to run a group ice-breaker activity, assist in leading one of the focus groups and also put together a promotional DVD about the event.

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