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Classroom characters

Enhancing the curriculum
Our professional workshop leaders have a wealth of experience using drama and the creative arts to explore areas of the curriculum in both primary and secondary schools.

We take subjects off the page and bring them to life in your classroom.
• Supporting key areas of the national curriculum
• Includes a cross curricular teachers' pack.
• For a key stage group or whole school events
• Adaptable content and timings to suit your individual needs.
• Drama based practical and interactive sessions

Working in partnership with 'Fantastiko' who are a leading events entertainment company we have developed 'Classroom Characters'.

Trained actor/facilitators in full costume deliver a session which includes:
The characters' story (related in person)
A question and answer session
A cross curricular teaching pack with follow on/lead up work and projects.

The workshop
Games and activities all relate to the subject being explored for example -
During our Medieval and Tudor projects pupils play;
Don't stand so close to me – Looking at the colour rules in heraldry and The King is coming – A look at Tudor life. 

History, Legend and Literature can sometimes be hard to picture or relate to life now - Our classroom characters bring a subject to life which ignites an interest that can help pupils relate to and learn about a topic.

Using tried and tested drama techniques the session encourages pupils to get actively involved in order for them to gain a deeper understanding of a topic. There are a range of characters and themes already on offer including; World War I & II, Tudors, Greeks and Romans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Knights, Maidens/Ladies, Servants, Pirates, Wizards, Circus and Cowboys. We are constantly creating more and would be happy to develop something new for you. See our designated website to learn more about how the project works at

Contact us for prices, further information and bookings.


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