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Leaving care conference

A partnership & development project with social care and participation team
• Workshops
• Participation and Involvement
• Focus Groups
• DVD development and Film Workshops
• Reporting and Evaluating
• Quantitative and Qualitative data sourcing and reporting

Developing a conference workshop
'Tip of the Iceberg' were approached to work alongside a participation worker to develop a workshop with young people who were leaving care that they could deliver themselves to delegates at a 'Leaving Care Conference'. We worked very closely with the Participation Team throughout the process co-designing and delivering the workshops with young people

Collating views and ideas
The project began by collating the views of young people leaving care that had been collected during the year leading up to the event and drawing out the key themes so that the content of the final workshop would represent the views of a variety of care leavers.

Young people's workshops
The first phase of activities with the young people consisted of group building games exploring confidence and trust to help support them as individuals and also to develop their relationship as a working group. We then introduced discussion topics in order to help them to select the main focus and format for the workshop they would deliver.

The conference event – An experiential process
The next phase was the workshop content; The workshop was entitled 'Welcome to Our World' and the young people who delivered it at the conference took delegates through an experiential process. At the event they divided the group into 2 as they felt that their experiences of leaving care differed with some getting support and feeling positive while others were very dissatisfied, so the two groups were treated differently throughout. Each group were given labels, some slightly derogatory or judgemental, reflecting how the young people felt they were labelled in their own life. All aspects of the workshop followed this concept including an exercise where the young people invited the participants to experience the thoughts of young people where they had created imaginary characters and recorded the thoughts which they then played at the event. The workshop ended with a frank question and answer session by the young people.

Alongside the participation team and social care staff we ran 8 sessions with 17-20 year olds to develop the workshop using creative techniques in order to support their skills and ability to deliver an exciting experience to others. Many delegates said that they found the whole experience moving, enlightening and highly effective and many of the points raised in the workshop have gone on to inform future planning.

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