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From reception to sixth form, educational establishments to youth clubs, 'Tip of the Iceberg' deliver Theatre in Education projects which encompass their ethos “To involve, inform and inspire!”. Our facilitators and creative practitioners have a wealth of experience and talents as both professional educators and artists.

Scroll down to view a selection of our educational projects. We are constantly updating our shows and workshops so please contact us to find out more.

Read about how our projects support OFSTED findings on PSHE education.

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Theatre in Education - Performance Packages


Secondary Schools

Download a pdf outlining our projecs for years 7-13. SECONDARY PDF

Network –Exploring mental health, self esteem and emotional development. A compelling play that takes the audience on a journey through the lives and minds of a connected group of people. Themes include: relationships, mental health, pressure, internet safety, family, bereavement, divorce, communication and change.
A full length play followed by workshops and an accompanying resource pack for staff.
» Full details

The Sex Factor – An S.R.E package with options from the plays to a full day residency in school for an entire year group.

Options include:
2 Performances (now and the future), workshops, classroom activities, Q and A sessions and a teacher's pack all addressing issues around sex, drugs, self esteem, control and decision making, sexuality, and suicide. A years PSHCE in a day!
» Full details

Beyond the Surface – Aimed at year 7 - 10. Themes Include: Internet safety and awareness, Identity, Life changes, Self Esteem, Body Image, Pressure & Stress, Communication, Drugs, and The Media. This innovative collection of plays is based around our invented fly on the wall documentary. There are various episodes (we suggest pupils experience one at a time) that appear as a live theatrical experience and are accompanied by interactive workshops. There are a range of episodes to choose from including: "Bullied Britain" "Connected Britain" "Addicted Britain" "Changing Britain" "Identity Britain" "Sexposed Britain" and "Conflict Britain"

Download information sheet here. "Beyond the Surface further info"

Status Update – Aimed at year 8 - 11. Two different workshops are available and they can be booked individually or as a package.

Workshop 1: Who you know, what you know! 60-90 minute presentations for up to 60 pupils with "Sarah" a young woman who was raped by a young man she was befriended by on the intertnet. In this workshop pupils take part in drama based activities and discussions. "Sarah" retells her story and takes part in a Q and A session. This is hard hitting workshop with a true story and actual account. The workshop looks at social media, peer groups, influence and decision making.

Workshop 2: Can be linked to "Connected Britain" show. Behaviour and Communcation Online workshop - Are you talking to me?

This project is for up to 60 pupils at a time for 60-90 mins.  We deliver a range of scenarios and examine how different types of communication can result in differing outcomes.  We explore different forms of communication within the world and our relationships and question whether our behaviour changes depending on different factors and examine why.  There is a dramatic scenario where we see the communication between two characters across a week, online, through texts and on their less than a week their friendship and communication breaks down and their behaviour becomes extreme.  This workshop can also include debates on sexting and online representation.

Exposed Britain – Aimed at year 11-13 (Age 15+) This hard hitting production has been developed over the last 3 years and draws on our 15 years experience of delivering 'Sex and Relationship Education'. The 50 minute play is based on a group of young people and the different paths their lives and relationships take the year after they leave school. The story unravels through a series of police interviews. The project is designed to challenge our perceptions, attitudes and behaviours. The workshops that follow can vary in length - anything from a brief conclusion to full day interactive workshops. The play does contain adult themes and language. The project does raise difficult issues and the greater the time given to the workshops the more involving the learning experience will be. Download flyer here

What's Driving You? – Aimed at year 12-13. This interactive workshop with performances explores attitudes to driving - as a passenger and a driver. Based on corporate training techniques and personality assessment it supports older students to help them make responsible choices especially in terms of their safety. The workshop can run from 40 minutes to a more intensive session of approximately 1.5 hours.

Download an information sheet here. "What's Driving You? further info"

Primary Schools

The Incredible Christmas Story by the boy who didn't like books. – A fun, fast paced, character packed Christmas Pantomime for the whole school to enjoy together. Aimed at pupils from reception to year 6 this interactive production also includes aspects of literacy and inspires young people to enjoy reading and writing. Ben doesn't like books – but all that changes when he embarks on an amazing Christmas adventure, your pupils become the creative powers that help him to find a happy ending for all the pantomime favourites.

Gnome Alone - a good panto...without the goodies!– Gnorman the Gnome does not quite fit in with Santa's elves...but when he gets left alone in Pantoland with the keys to the sleigh he must enlist the help of all the pantomime baddies such as Captain Hook (Peter Pan), The Giant (Jack and the Beanstalk), The Ugly Sisters (Cinderella) in effort to save Xmas. This pantomime has an underlying educational theme about bullying and friendship.
» Full details on our pantomime play website.

Beyond the Surface – The project spans years 1 to 6 with differing shows and workshops depending on each age group. For younger years there are interactive shows where the activities are interwoven with scenes, whereas older years watch a short play and then take part in workshops. Themes Include: Bullying vs Banter, Cyber bullying, Internet safety and awareness, Citizenship, Identity, Self Esteem, Body Image, Pressure & Stress, Communication and The Media.

For years 3-6 we have an innovative collection of shows based around our invented fly on the wall documentary. There are various episodes (we suggest pupils experience one at a time) that appear as a live theatrical experience and are accompanied by interactive workshops. There are a range of episodes to choose from including: "Bullied Britain" "Connected Britain" "Changing Britain" "Identity Britain" "Addicted Britain" and "Conflict Britain"
» Full details


Enhancing the curriculum for Key Stages 1 – 4. Working with you and your school to create and deliver bespoke theatre in education sessions our experienced workshop leaders bring subjects off the page and into the lives of the participants through practical games, activities and performances. 

Current projects include;

Primary (KS 1 - 2)

Imagination workshops –  A fun interactive drama and performance workshop that supports a variety of curriculum and Every Child Matters objectives (Key stage 1 and 2)
» Full details

Classroom Characters – a partnership project with spectacular entertainment company Fantastiko. Characters from history, legend and literature come to your school to run theme based workshops that include games, an interactive talk and cross-curricular teachers pack. (Key stage 1 & 2)
» Full details

Primary & Secondary (KS 1 - 4)

Creative Arts –  Industry professionals run enlivening practical workshops in: Drama, Acting, Voice Technique, Stanislavski, Circus skills, Dance, Rap, Parkour, and Street poetry, Musical theatre and much much more.
» Full details

P.S.H.C.E (Personal-Social-Health and Citizenship Education)
Bullying, Friendship, Risky Behaviours, Road Safety, Rights and Responsibilities, Drugs, Careers, Decision Making, Communication, Sex Education.
If it's part of life - we will explore it. 'Tip of the Iceberg' combine dramatic representations, discussion, thought provoking games and activities to involve everyone and encourage them to delve a little deeper into considering themselves and the world they live in. This is not a spectator sport!.
» Full details

NEW SHOW - "The Cost of a Player" Written by Alex Gwyther and developed in conjunction with the Premier League. Exploring mental health and wellbeing in young people, supporting achievment and development. CLICK HERE FOR FLYER

Youth Theatre - Selected to perform at The National Theatre in the Connections Festival 2015. Welwyn Youth Drama Festival winners 2017. St Albans Amphitheatre production 2017. Return to NT Connections 2018.

Tip of the Iceberg has teamed up with St Albans based Best Theatre Arts to bring professional directors and theatre practitioners to an inclusive Youth Theatre - The BYTE. Available for thosein year 7+, with a range of ambitions and abilities the BYTE is a place for anyone with a passion for drama who wants to have fun and meet new people. Held at The Maltings Theatre in St Albanson Wednesday evenings (Group 1 4.30-6) (Group 2 6-8pm)
» Full details

Contact us for prices, further information and booking.

Click here for offers and tour dates.

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