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Clients & comments

Public Sector

Role play and training workshop 

'The feedback and evaluations have all been very positive. Thanks again to you and your colleagues for putting the scenarios together. They reflected really well the situations which our practitioners sometimes find themselves in. It was certainly worth us meeting to plan the session.

Not only did participants connect with the situations, but they also found the session energetic and participative in a non-threatening way. Your own leadership and the actors' skills made all the difference.

Thank you again for an enjoyable and worthwhile session. Should funding for our IP Networks continue - we would certainly consider using 'Tip of the Iceberg' again.
Pam Mogford District Manager Integrated Practice

Development, Partnership & Participation

“Tip of the Iceberg has worked on several Children’s Rights projects for CSF Participation Team, Hertfordshire County Council, delivering workshops for 11-19 year olds in both school and out of school settings.I have been extremely pleased with the quality of work provided.  Each project has required a good understanding of the topic and the ability to transform the project brief into an informative and engaging workshop for young people.  Tip of the Iceberg research and plan the sessions well and ensure that their team have an equal level of understanding around the topic.  I have attended several of the sessions and was impressed by the facilitators enthusiasm and ability to engage with young people, adapting questions and methods of engagement where necessary enabling them to explore the issues further with the young people.Tip of the Iceberg were also commissioned to record and report on each session.  The views and comments were recorded to a high standard and the final report contained an excellent analysis of the raw data
T.Goodson Project Officer.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of the Road Safety Unit for participating in the Megadrive project and all the time, effort and resources that you provided.  The workshop that you provided was very successful, being both fun and informative and was a real asset to the day."
S.Ellis Hertfordshire Road Safety Unit

Events & Performance

“Thank you so much for your fantastic performance at the Herts Awards last Friday.  You helped make it the most wonderful evening.  Thank you as well for all of the other people you enlisted to help make it such a truly magical evening – they were brilliant!”
F. Evanst Corporate Parenting Officer

Everyone who attended has been saying how good it was this year.  The young people’s hard work and attitude was a factor in this but without your support, guidance and positive attitude it would have been very difficult for them.
D. Short City of Westminster


Workshops & Performance

“Their energy and enthusiasm, their talents at introducing us to various characters and their sensitive handling of issues and concerns made this a highly effective day.”
Dr Peter Stiff

“The actors’ involvement and the workshop itself proved to be very high impacting.We would like to thank you all for being involved and demonstrating a high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to the project and we look forward to working with you in the future.”
Senior Road Safety Officer


“It would be remiss of me if I did not thank you personally for all your kind services in gathering together a hospitality team to assist in the front of house activity at the UK Bus Awards - as ever, you succeeded in providing the engine room to a very smooth running operation. The event was seen as a huge success. I hope you'll pass on my plaudits to the rest of the team.”
Gemini Productions Ltd

"Thanks for everything.  This whole campaign would have been nothing without you all.  I know how much I appreciate all your efforts and all the work you’ve put into making this so successful...Once again, many, many thanks.  You’re all stars and I’ll certainly bear you guys in mind when anything that requires some sort of theatrical performance crops up in the future."
Guy Hepplewhite, Firelighter

"Following the success of our High Speed Theatre Event at the Start Garden Party I thought I would share some stats and highlights with you to date...We’ve had approximately 3800 people view one of our 4 theatre performances (some coming to see 2 shows or more).

...Our main highlight was when Emma, Sarah, Claire and I were introduced to HRH Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and together with the Duchess, Alan Titchmarsh and some of the Marketing team, we sat and watched one of the performances with her, which she thoroughly enjoyed. We had a second Royal visit; the Duke of Gloucester popped by our theatre yesterday and browsed around.
Overall this has been a great success. We have launched Cut A Quarter, seeded our brand and Tread Lightly messages and given the public an enjoyable experience."
Suzanne Lestrade, Eurostar


Comments from staff

I just wanted to say a big Thank you for the performance and workshops on Monday - the kids all thought it was brilliant and many of them have said that it was the best day they have had for PSHCE style activities. One girl can be quoted as saying "I thought it was going to be all diagrams and stuff, but that was just brilliant, really good fun"
Broxbourne school

“We really enjoyed your production and workshop. Your contribution became the highlight of what will be remembered as a very special day and all students agreed that it was a thought provoking and challenging experience working with you.”
Emma Poole (Yr 9), The Sele School

“I am just emailing to thank you all on such a helpful and brilliant performance and workshop. The students are still talking about the whole production.”
R. Dee, Heathcote School

“Thanks for yesterday - kids and staff loved it!  Will you be around next year?!!!
M.Toley Verulam School

“It is remarkable that each year you give us something special both in terms of the drama performances but also in the workshops. The responses of the boys throughout the day and their comments to us the following week indicate just how much they appreciated the day.”
Head P.S.H.E Haberashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

"Thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm. The work you do clearly connects with, and makes a huge impact on, young people in Hertfordshire. I will certainly be recommending Network to the schools that I work with in Herts."
Sarah Gregory, Ralph Sadleir Middle School

Project evaluation forms - Staff comments

  • Great delivery, It kept pupils listening and interested. Provoked a number of interesting issues.
  • Excellent theme and acting
  • Excellent pitch for target audience, with an appropriate blend of comic and serious moments.
  • Interesting, humorous, cool. I thought it was very informative and relevant to young people.
  • The play was performed in a way that touched upon many aspects which are relevant to teenagers.
  • The kids seemed to be really intrigued, good way of presenting the material.
  • Students were fully engaged during the play and it managed to hold their concentration throughout which is positive (especially for our kids)
  • All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the play
  • The workshop was handled well and made all the students think and most were surprisingly honest.
  • Quality of performance was excellent.
  • All pupils were engaged.
  • Very well done. Totally absorbed.
  • They were more involved than usual for a PSHE lesson which was very encouraging.
  • More please!
  • The best part was the Drama and the discussion I had with my form immediately after we got back from the workshop.

Project evaluation forms - Pupil comments

PSHE Workshops and Plays

“The workshop made me think about issues faced by many young people and simple solutions to make yourself a lot happier.” (year 8 pupil)

“I think before my actions now after seeing the play.” (year 8 pupil)

“If I didn’t know what to do about a relationship I would now know what to do.” (year 9 pupil)

“What to do and be safe” (year 7 pupil)

“I am in control of my own actions” (year 10 pupil)

“Today made me think about what I do in life and what I can do to improve and change.” (year 9 pupil)

‘Prejudice is wrong, it makes you feel tiny and hated. If I saw someone being picked on I would stand up to them, it’s unfair, tell a teacher.’

‘The effects of bullying are vast and prejudice is a major problem, we can help stop bullying and prejudice by reporting it and encourage people not to do it.’

‘Prejudice makes people feel judged, they make victims upset because they’re bullied for a reason they can’t control. I can tell people who I trust what’s happening to make the bullying stop.’

I think after seeing the play I would cope with emotional situations a bit better because before I wouldn’t have known what to do.

I really enjoyed the play, made you realise more things about relationships.

I would make sure that I tell the right people my problems and think before I do something that I may later regret.

Network Project

Network helped me to think about….

  • Other people – their thoughts and feelings.
  • My life.
  • Teenage issues, problems and worries.
  • Relationships.


Primary School Projects

“I like it when we did the play because it was funny and the characters acted like the real people.  They used anything to be stuff". (year 4 pupil)

“I liked it when we had to be something on planet Mars.  It was excellent” (year 5 pupil)

"It was great when we imagined the hall was a different place because it was calming and relaxing” (year 4 pupil)

“The best was the different creatures and things in the circle - pink aliens, pink sea and the massive island!" (year 3 pupil)


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